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Palm Coast, Florida

Cinnamon Beach Vacation Rental, Florida

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Cinnamon Beach Florida

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Palm Coast is located at 29°32′17″N 81°13′24″W / 29.538128°N 81.223385°W / 29.538128; -81.223385.[7] According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 51.7 square miles (133.9 km²). 50.72 square miles (131 km2) of it is land and 0.98 square miles (3 km2) of it (1.90%) is water.

The area around Palm Coast has not seen a direct hit from a hurricane since well before 1950.[8] A unique location on the eastern seaboard coupled with prevailing wind and ocean currents have so far managed to steer hurricanes away from the community.

Palm Coast has become a quiet bedroom community for St. Augustine and Daytona Beach workers, while many locals work in Orlando and Jacksonville and commute from Palm Coast.



There are 3 airports near Cinnamon Beach with commercial passenger service.

Daytona Beach International (DAB) is the closest airport, approximately 29 miles from Cinnamon Beach.

Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) is approximately 75 miles away from Cinnamon Beach

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is about 80 miles away.

The lowest airfares and cheapest car rental deals will be in Orlando, followed by Jacksonville and then Daytona


Penthouse Condo at Cinnamon Beach, Palm Coast Florida for rent by owner. VRBO featuring Ocean Views, 3 bedrooms and 3 Baths

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Cinnamon Beach Vacation Rental by Owner 
Cinnamon Beach, Palm Coast Florida 32137